2021 and Beyond

"The year that software ate PE"

2021 has seen Hg transform in scale and ambition.

Our portfolio of software and service champions have grown in number, in value and in size of workforce and Hg itself now feels different. Less like an investor and more like a software group: a place for businesses with aligned aims and shared challenges, where the experience and talent we hold as a group can be used to benefit each other.

This year has been a challenge for all of us but we are proud to see that the Hg group has risen to it.

A conversation with Matthew Brockman, Managing Partner at Hg (All facts and figures as at 30 November 2021)

The year in numbers

Scale and focus: an active year against a challenging backdrop




platform investments


portfolio revenue growth LTM


portfolio EBITDA growth LTM


portfolio employee growth

(All facts and figures as at 30 November 2021)

Hg today

an ecosystem of software and services champions


software and services businesses


portfolio employees


Approx value of portfolio


Funds under management

Our thinking

Hg sits at the centre of a universe of tech and software knowledge and expertise. We are constantly surprised by the ideas generated by these satellite minds and we want to share it with you.

Share, subscribe and listen closely! Listen on Spotify // Listen on Apple Podcasts You can find an episode from our second series below. In this episode, Øystein Moan, Executive Chairman of Visma and an Industry Advisor to Hg, reflects on Visma’s multi-year journey to SaaS, discussing with Hg’s Nic Humphries, who joined this journey on every step of the way.

Hg ranked one of the most active tech acquirers of 2021

Hg ranked as one of the world's most active tech investors in the 2021 AGC Partners’ Tech PE Annual Report.

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